Relationship Building for Couples

Want to learn more about how to communicate effectively with your partner?  Have you ever wondered how to be a better listener during difficult conversations?

Spark offers couples an opportunity to build skills that will help create successful long-term relationships. Our classes focus on strengthening emotional connections, understanding communication patterns, building self-awareness, and nurturing the positive qualities of our couples. PREP 8.0, an evidence-based curriculum, explores all these topics in an interactive and engaging style. Couples in the program cap their experience by attending a couples retreat at an exclusive destination where they can practice their skills in a relaxing and reflective environment at no-cost.

PREP 8.0

Positive Parenting Techniques

Spark offers parenting classes to couples with children. These lessons focus on understanding your parenting style, family dynamics, and relationship as parents. Both parents get the opportunity to learn more about their approach with each of their children. We explore parenting stress and teach techniques on how to effectively manage and work through those difficult moments. As a couple you will understand how to work together as a team to support the growth and happiness of your family.  

Triple P

Money Management

Did you know that financial issues are the leading cause of relationship strain? Why not be proactive in conquering this subject head on as a couple? Our Money Smart classes help couples with the basic "know-hows" of financial management. From keeping accurate budgets to learning about the home loan process, Money Smart helps couples make the right choices for their financial future.

Money Smart