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An Open Letter to Moms, From That One Friend Who Loves Your Kids As Their Own

Dear friend whose children I adore,

I’m sure parenting can be trying at times, but that’s what I’m here for! I know you need your “me time” every once in a while, so when your babies are just about to drive you up the wall, give them to me! I will gladly get them out of your hair. Or even when you and the hubby are up for a long-awaited date night and are in need of a babysitter, that’s right, you know who to call, Auntie Gina!

Just give me a time and date and I promise I’ll bring them back alive, locked and loaded with sugar, but burnt out from the long day at the park, the bouncy house place, and closing it out at the beach.

And yes, you don’t even have to second guess—I’ll be there

when it’s birthday party planning time. I’ll be there when baby number three is on the way. I’ll be there at the soccer games, the school performances, and the piano recitals. Heck, I’ll even be there at the house whenever I’m not working. When they become difficult teenagers, I’ll be the runaway house they check-in to, and I’ll be the one who takes them right back home.

I love ‘em so much. But hey, don’t forget that I loved you first and that I still do.


Auntie Gina

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