Other Services We Provide

Connecting you with community resources to support your success.


Employment Skills

In partnership with the GCA Trades Academy, Spark provides participants the opportunity to attend the core curriculum classes in support of their employment goals. Spark also refers out to community partners such as GCC, UOG, and the American Job Center.


Behavioral Health

Working with partners such as WestCare's Uplift Counseling Services and VARO, individuals in need of emotional support can access critical services including a 24-hour crisis hotline. A Spark Case Manager works with couples to tailor a plan to address each person's needs through a holistic approach.


Community Connections

Through WestCare Pacific Island's network of partners, couples have access to a wide array of service options. From learning about apprenticeships to finding a family therapist, Spark's case management services assist couples in making connections with providers and programs to support their family and life goals.