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who is eligible?

Is this only for engaged or married couples?

No. All couples are welcome to join the workshops provided they are in a committed relationship.


No, so long as you are in a committed, romantic relationship.

I'm not currently in a relationship. can i still join?

Unfortunately no, since the curriculum is geared toward couples, you may not gain the benefits of a full experience since most activities are done with a partner.

signing up/enrolling


How can i sign-up?

Two ways. We have some paperwork for you to fill out. You can schedule an appointment with us and fill our the forms at the office and meet with one of our Family Educators (over the phone/virtually). OR we can email the forms to you ahead of time (this will make the process a lot faster). You'll then schedule an appointment to meet with one of our Family Educators.

so what's the process?

Once you finish filling out the initial paperwork, you'll meet with our Family Educators and discuss schedules for attending the workshops and to answer any questions you have. Once that's completed, you can start attending your workshops at the scheduled times.

what if my partner can't make it at the same time?

For signing-up if you are not available at the same time, we are able to sign you up individually, however, all other program activities require that both of you attend together.


My partner and I only have one device, are we still able to join the virtual workshops?
Yes, since the two of you would be joining the workshops together, only one device is needed to join the workshops. 

Our internet connection isn't strong or very reliable. Would this be a problem?
Spark's workshop platforms also have a dial-in option, so while you may not be able to see videos or on-screen slides, we can certainly make accommodations for the two of you. Please let us know if this might be an issue, we'd love to help the two of you get the most out of the workshops. 

One or both of us is pretty shy ... I don't want others to see our video feed ...
We respect your right to privacy and we thank you for letting us know! While it would be nice for us to see you and get to know you both as we would in-person, turning your cameras on is absolutely not necessary for you to participate.

We aren't shy, but we don't have a camera on our laptop. Can we still join?
Yes!! You're welcome to join in with or without sharing your video feed.