Clarissa Wilson

Child Care Worker

Be humble and stay kind

This is Clarissa’s, or “Miss Rissa” to our spark kids, mantra in all that she does. “No matter who you come across, always be kind. Check yourself and your reactions to those around you”, says Riss in her usual, tempered tone and a smile.

Clarissa, Spark Childcare Worker, is one of the front line team members our Spark participant and families see and work with on the daily. She watches your little ones during your intake appointments and class times here at the Spark headquarters. Her experience working with children stems from years of working with at-risk youth as a Residential Assistant at Sanctary, inc. as well as a Youth Educator for a former WestCare project before joining the Spark team in September 2016.  

Clarissa has worked with children ranging from infants to high schoolers professionally, but being a mother of an energetic 4-year-old boy, and stepmother to a maturing 9-year old young man, she knows the drill. As a parent, she has a first -hand knowledge of the anxieties most parents have with leaving their children under the care of another. She understands the need to try to understand each child’s individual personalities and of course, to have fun while keeping the environment safe.

Tackling administrative duties all day, she says that once her childcare hat comes on, it’s the best part of her work day. “Being with the kids is fun. I tend to forget its ‘work’”. She loves the play time and interaction with the Spark kids – getting to know them upon first meeting them, playing the role of the ‘princess’ or ‘dragon slayer’, as well as getting to know their favorite shows, foods, activities.

If you’re parents, and are interested in Spark, we got your child care needs covered.  Know that your child(ren) will be in good hands!

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